about Lucy

Lucy’s musical journey began at age 9 when she started learning piano after becoming obsessed with the family piano and begging her parents for lessons. She has performed on piano and taught lessons since 2012.

In her teens, Lucy became infatuated with the sound of the accordion after listening to Yann Tiersen’s musical score for the French Film ‘Amelie’. It was not until she graduated from high school in 2011 that she purchased her first piano accordion in Melbourne and started teaching herself. When she had a few waltzes under her belt, she started busking in her neighbourhood and quickly started booking gigs at local cafes, restaurants, breweries, festivals and private events. Now her repertoire includes music from all around the world including France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, USA and more. She can play standing, seated or strolling through a venue.

Lucy is currently located in Melbourne, Australia.

Lucy also plays viola and Great Highland bagpipes.