In my life, there are not many pleasures greater than watching the joy on somebody’s face when they hear an accordion for the very first time. Surprisingly, that happens to me a lot. In fact, every week! It is always an honor to be the person to deliver the magic but also perplexing that this stunning, beautiful, soulful instrument has lost its popularity in the world. The accordion has had an interesting history, going from the instrument that comes out at family gatherings, passing cultural traditions through generations and regularly appearing on TV to the instrument that is often left collecting dust in the garage. When I was a teenager, the sound of the accordion stole my heart and it has become a growing obsession of mine ever since. My mission is to continue sharing this magical experience with the rest of the world.

-Lucy Riddett


“Lucy you helped make a fantastic night enjoyed by all, I have received so many messages this morning from customers thanking us all for a great night. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again very soon.”
-Whyte’s on the Esplanade, Australia
(Bastille Day)

“Thanks so much for contributing to the vibe of our event! You really made it more authentic, Lucy”
– Railhouse Brewery, NC